The 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course

A lead gen landing page is only as good as its form. That’s why your forms need to be great enough to stand alone.

Form-First Design

Day 1

Learn how to create landing pages that will keep your funnel full

Is a poor form experience killing your conversions? Learn what you should be asking for — and how to ask for it.

Form UX & Friction

Day 2

Saying “we’ll never spam you” is like saying “we’ll never burgle your house while you sleep.” Stop terrifying people and start persuading them!

Stop & Go Words

Day 3
Writing is an art. Writing for conversion is a science. Learn the most conversion-capturing headline formulas and how you can make them your own.

Copy That Converts

Day 4
Your prospect has clicked your CTA button (that hopefully doesn’t say “submit” on it). What happens now? It better be more than just a thank you.

Confirmation Pages

Day 5
Testing is awesome. Testing with no idea why isn’t so awesome. Kick off your next A/B test with these 10 awesome ideas. Awesome!

A/B Testing Ideas

Day 6
Day 7

Free Unbounce Templates

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these 7 free templates and use what you’ve learned to transform them into funnel-filling masterpieces.

What’s Inside

Course Author

Founder, X Social Capital

Jacob Malherbe

Malherbe advises fellow entrepreneurs to seek opportunities that help others while delivering real value for clients. He adds it is easy to get wrapped up in making money fast, but it is more important, and fulfilling, to drive positive change. If it is a good idea and it helps others, success will follow.


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A-Rated Consulting

The 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course

Learn how to create landing pages that will keep your funnel full

As we want to provide the service you expect from X Social Media, we're taking in 5 new firms per week. Please join the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as time slots open up. Expected wait time is 1 week.

X Social Capital is a consulting company providing lawyers an alternative to expensive Hedge Fund Loans. The financing package includes insurance on your docket value to access capital at a reduced rate.   

The Solution
We set out to come up with a solution to fix this industry wide problem. We offer a unique product, the first of its kind to be offered commercially, that will insure loans secured by a Mass Tort docket. Pricing is very on premium is very competitive, with rates between 6-12%, depending on collateral, loan amount, etc. Final premium amount is determined by company offering the insurance.

Our process provides our loan applicant to be matched with the right lender coupled with an A Rated insurance company. Because the loan is backed up with insurance on the principal loan amount, the commercial banks (Bank, Family office, Hedge funds) are all interested in loaning money on this product at an interest rate that is below current market rates. 

X Social Capital is a consulting company connecting lawyers with insurance brokers and financial institutions who provide working capital as a Non-Recourse loan. 

The Problem Explained:
Today in our industry many law firms rely on capital funding via what is normally known as a Hedge Fund loans. The law firm pledges attorney’s fees coming on their Docket in exchange for financing that traditional banks do not offer.

The hedge fund loans are consistently over three times current bank rates and usually over 20% per year. The rates go from about 17% to 24% depending on how good the lawyers docket is. If a law firm loaned 10 million today in 3.6 years, he will owe more than 20 million.

The 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course

Learn how to create landing pages that will keep your funnel full

It takes time before the lawyers gets paid and as an example a tort like Roundup has now run for 7 years. While the lawyers get paid well for their work, a lot of that profit ends up with the hedge funds because of the 17%-24% interest rate.

Probably 50% or more of the law firms we deal with are getting loans like this.

Lucas Gerler

Managing Director, Co-Founder, X Social Capital

Paul Liebman

CRO, Co-Founder,
X Social Capital